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29 thoughts on “6 classes I discovered from Dating African Women”

29 thoughts on “6 classes I discovered from Dating African Women”

I’m getnna go see Ghana in might 2017 and I am looking forward to experiencing the people of Ghana although I am going on a missionary trip.

Please keep the poor Africans alone… The final thing they need is much more white people visiting their nation to brainwash them into worshipping a picture of a white guy as God.

Europeans have been around in Africa for years and years and I also don’t note that slowing. African individuals have to pool their resources so they really aren’t therefore influenced by whites to carry resources for their countries. They curently have gold, silver, diamonds, etc. Let’s hope they do a more satisfactory job of controlling their assets.

Can this site is closed by you?

Countries in europe are sourcing their resources from Africa, without Africa you will have no European countries. Idiot. European countries will be the only issue the world is having

At sisterwives we genuinely believe that grownups will be able to live the way they want. If somebody really wants to live a full life of polygamy and become a polygamist than allow them to.

This is the most sexist thing I have ever read about women as a white woman living in Africa. Wow you’re objectifying these ladies just as if they truly are meat. This does not seem like dating tips, it seems like intercourse tourism.

You’re right this person may have sexism.

Ya, I’m an african girl i had been offended scanning this. What exactly are you Mr journalist? A punter??

@sarah This man hasn’t stated such a thing intimately explicit about these ladies. All he mentioned ended up being that African women can be merely sexy, gorgeous and cooks that are great.